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My Journey

If you want to be successful in your life then rejection and failure are mandatory. Don’t lose hope it is the steps that lead you to success.

Do you ever look at billionaires and wonder – will I achieve my dreams someday? Of course, most of you would say yes because everybody has an ambition in life that they want to achieve. So, they pursue it in every way possible. 

And among all of the dreamers, one such dreamer was Tel K. Ganesan.

Call him an entrepreneur, philanthropist, movie producer, innovator, speaker, or guide; he is truly an all-rounder. Today, his dreams are a reality. But, as it is said, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like every other successful human being, Tel K. Ganesan has pursued ambition with a never quitting attitude.

What is his secret formula?

Happiness. Ganesan believes that the most incredible formula of success is to chase happiness in life.  Money, a job, or any other materialistic theory should not be the only driving force of an individual. For, time spent chasing worldly materials is time lost.

Oh no! This is not just a spiritual formula in Ganesan’s life. Practicality revolves around all of his philosophies. A happy person is enthusiastic, dedicated, and positive, making them grow towards their dream and sportingly tackle failures to grip the lessons from it.

Because, believe it or not, failures are always an important part of life. 

The journey to success

No matter what or where Ganesan has been, books have always been his companion. As already said, “Knowledge is power,” he never misses a chance to acquire knowledge that in turn makes him a better person, professionally and personally.

With constant hard work and steadfastness, he has taken his career from an entrepreneur to a movie producer. Tel K. Ganesan’s Kyyba brand, holding up several lines of businesses, has successfully employed 900 talents who equally contribute towards a successful career.

His incredible journey has led him to become one of the successful movie producers and life coaches. Something he never dreamt of being but now is a part of his happiness.

With empowering networking and strategic strength management, his journey to success and happiness has been inspiring. Today, you know Tel K. Ganesan as: 

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He is the founder of Kyyba, a multi-structural brand serving in the wellness, technology, media, and fashion sectors.


The desire to make the world a better place than it already is drives Ganesan to aid the needed wherever and however possible.


Ganesan believes in shaping the future and nurturing it with his experiences. Thus, he coaches every talent and helps them begin a journey to success.

Film Producer

With an ever-growing passion for films and art, he feels proud to be contributing his bit to the creation of more films.


Exploring new destinations and guiding his path through life with the learnings of different places is a favorite part of his life.

The secret to his cheerfulness?

Happiness and simplicity powered with a smile make Tel K. Ganesan the limelight of a group. Apart from that, a stringent fitness routine, yoga, and kayaking are some of his powerful antidote to maintaining a healthy, rejuvenated, and positive lifestyle.