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If you want to be successful in your life then rejection and failure are mandatory. Don’t lose hope it is the steps that lead you to success.

Most of us strive to achieve the best in every way possible. But not all of us succeed in every endeavor. As a result, there is an unaccountable amount of passion left discouraged. The reasons might be diverse. However, what stops most of us from picking up those unfulfilled dreams and nurturing them into something big?

Philanthropy is not only a way to aid the unfortunate in their lives but also fulfilling your own purpose in life by contributing your part to the global community. Once you step into the world of helping others, you realize that the world is becoming a better place step by step, and you are a reason for that.

Thus, Tel K. Ganesan didn’t wait for a minute after realizing his bar of achieving enough. Now, he wanted to accomplish for the world, the world that helped him to be what he is today. He worked hard to make a place in the global community, a respectable place where he could be happy. But one seldom stays happy when the sorrowful world catches all your attention.

Evolving the happiness and purpose of his life, Tel K. Ganesan founded Kyyba Kidz- a non-profit organization meant to serve the future of this world. The charitable organization is a shelter for orphans and underprivileged children from across the globe who have the potential to build a path of their own and live a deserving life.

Ganesan has always believed in doing what the heart says. With the foundation of Kyyba Kidz, he has pursued his dreams of making the world a better place. Through the educative programs, the foundation aims to provide knowledge, confidence, morality, and honesty to every kid that needs it.

Kyyba Kidz’s Youth development programs aim to raise the cognitive and psychological consciousness of the youth to help them achieve big in life by choosing the right career. The high school programs are specially designed to inculcate values of self-reliance and critical entrepreneur skills.

The initial vision might be personal to Ganesan. Still, throughout the journey of welfare and charity, many volunteers and reputed organizations with similar aims have joined hands with Kyyba Kidz to make success accessible to everyone.