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Breaking the Silence: Unveiling the Untold Realities of Maternal Health Inequality

“Breaking the Silence: Unveiling the Untold Realities of Maternal Health Inequality” The Alarming Disparities Black Women Experience in Maternal Care As an Ascension Providence Hospital Foundation board member, I am dedicated to addressing the profound racial disparities in maternal care within the United States. Our nation, renowned for medical advancements, grapples with the highest maternal […]

Reinvent the product, not the wheel

At the heart of every successful business is a great idea. Most of them are simple ones. When you think of something new and breathe life into it, it becomes a great success. Big ideas do not need to be revolutionary. When you see things differently- from a different perspective, you will surely come up […]

10 Questions to focus on while hiring executives

Talent acquisition and bringing in right talent should be the #1 priority of every business. Hiring and retaining the right people is the only real sustainable competitive advantage of any company irrespective of the industry. The right people are the building blocks to an exceptional workplace. Identifying and hiring stellar employees isn’t always easy. The […]

The importance of social media subcultures

The internet has changed business, entertainment and communication across the globe. Today people around the world have embraced internet collectively to their hearts. Geography is no longer an obstacle and online tools enable people to share, communicate and interact with ease. The advent of smartphones have made it even more easier to access the internet […]